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Vistawall traces its roots back to 1962 when Aluminium Fronts was founded in Terrell, Texas.

In 1984 the name was changed to Vistawall. Over the years the company has grown as it acquired other architectural aluminium companies and expanded to many locations around the USA. The product range also increased with many high quality systems being added and improved over the years.

In 2001 Vistawall opened a sales and engineering office in Dubai supplying a comprehensive line of products to the Middle East. Whilst many of these products have their roots in Vistawall Architectural Products in the USA, some have been adapted to suit the local market requirements. Top quality system components are supplied with all our aluminum profiles to ensure that all parts are of a standard that will provide long term service with little or no maintenance, other than regular cleaning.

As Vistawall International is locally based we are able to provide a quick response to queries and requests from building owners, consultants, architects, contractors and installation partners using our in house team of representatives, estimators, designers, draftsmen and structural engineers. Our design team prides itself on its ability to custom design and engineer its products to unique and specific project requirements. We are close at hand to provide information, samples and assistance as required to ensure the smooth progress and satisfactory completion of each project.

We can provide quotations, conceptual designs, preliminary structural and thermal calculations as well as specifications, samples and any other information that may be required. Standard fabrication and installation manuals are available and special manuals are made for non standard applications. Factory or site visits and assistance will be made as necessary.



We have developed relationships with local aluminium extruders so that our logistics department can process your orders in the shortest time. Accessory orders can be provided from our Jebel Ali Free Zone warehouse where we keep buffer stocks. This allows you to start the job while the remainder of the order is being produced.

As the job progresses through design stage to materials sourcing, fabrication and installation, we are on hand to assist where needed.